Behavioural Science & AI evolving the way we align people

The number one reason we stay or leave an organization is our relationship with our direct manager. So why don't we hire people based on that first connection?

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We are obsessed with what makes the best candidate

According to a WorkHuman study, it can take one to two years for a new hire to reach the productivity of an existing employee. For companies of 10,000, based on entry, mid, and senior management, this equates to $41.3 million in bottom-line turnover costs.

Imagine a platform that allows you to leverage behavioral science and AI to not only attract the right talent to your organization but to keep them there.

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    Hatchproof leverages behavioral science and AI to automate the talent acquisition process, increasing talent diversity, reducing recruitment costs, and connecting hiring managers with candidates they can do their best work with.

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    Diversity Led

    We don't believe in diversity being a checkbox. It must be at the core of your hiring, fostering, and growing organization. Hatchproof scores allow you to eliminate biases, while AI ensures you match on manager compatibility first.

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    Science Backed

    We analyzed dozens of enneagram models to develop our RAMP philosophy. Our core tenants allow you to attract and retain top talent. Can they hit the ground running? Are they adaptable? Can they build momentum? Do they have the passion necessary to succeed?

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    People Alignment

    The way we hire is broken. The way we manage is disconnected. The way we organize is dysfunctional. Our people are hungry for a simpler way to connect. Hatchproof believes how you begin has a lot to do with why you stay. We are on a mission to fix that.

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One workspace Boundless possibilities

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in the digital age

Our platform ensures you hire the right candidates for your team, reduce turnover, and improve overall performance. Experience the benefits of Hatchproof's cutting-edge technology today!

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Reimagine the Journey

  • Improved Quality of Hires

    Our platform's AI technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze candidate data and identify the most suitable candidates for a given position. This helps companies make higher-quality hires, resulting in better team performance, and reduced turnover. Our platform also uses data analytics to provide insights into the recruitment process, enabling companies to continuously improve their hiring strategies.

  • Reduced Recruitment Costs

  • Disruptive Technology

  • Streamlined Hiring Process

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    Our platform is unique in that it is powered by AI technology that streamlines the hiring process, reduces recruitment costs, and improves the quality of hires. Additionally, our People Alignment Platform (PAP) uses behavioral science to help companies reduce talent acquisition costs, improve people retention, and maximize team performance.

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