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Harvest Leverages Recruitment Innovations to Ensure Successful Placements

Reinventing the Job Description

Wave goodbye to the stale job descriptions of old. Harvest introduces a vibrant, dynamic way to showcase roles—where you don't just learn about the job but get a deep dive into the team culture, the hiring manager's style, and the evolution of the role. It's a holistic view enriched with insights from your future colleagues. Experience the role as it is today, and envision how it will grow tomorrow.

AI Screener: Revolutionize Your First Conversations

Transform initial conversations with AI Screener. This advanced tool uses conversational AI to screen candidates efficiently, ensuring every chat is meaningful and bias-free. It's about making smarter connections faster, propelling your hiring process into a new era of efficiency and inclusivity.

Compensation Insights: Make Informed Decisions

Empower your hiring with real-time global compensation data directly within your hiring system. Our AI delivers comprehensive insights, comparing new hires to organizational standards and ensuring your offers are competitive and fair. With Compensation Insights, stay informed and always ahead.

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Unlock your potential with Hatchproof. Our platform combines technology and personalized insights to enhance your personal and professional growth, empowering your journey toward productivity and self-discovery.
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What makes your platform different from other HR tech solutions?
Our platform is unique in that it is powered by AI technology that streamlines the hiring process, reduces recruitment costs, and improves the quality of hires. Additionally, our People Alignment Platform (PAP) uses behavioral science to help companies reduce talent acquisition costs, improve people retention, and maximize team performance.
When will your platform be launching?
Hive: Launching at the end of Q3 2024, our freemium solution, Hive, offers everyone the chance to understand personal and team dynamics using our innovative PVEMs model, complete with personalized job boards.

Harvest: Debuting in beta in Q4 2024, Harvest revolutionizes recruitment with deep behavioral insights, enhancing how companies engage with potential talent.

Helix: Arriving in early 2025, Helix integrates insights from Hive and Harvest to foster comprehensive employee development and organizational alignment.Join us as we pave the way for a new era in workplace efficiency and personal growth.
How can I join the beta waitlist for Harvest & Helix?
Excited about the future of talent management with Harvest and Helix? Sign up for our exclusive beta waitlist to be one of the first to experience the next evolution in hiring and employee development. Secure your spot now and help shape the future of the Hatchproof platform!
Will there be any exclusive offers for those who join the waitlist?
Yes, we will be offering exclusive benefits to those who join our waitlist, including early access to our platform, discounted pricing, and more.
How will your platform benefit my company?
Our platform is designed to save time and reduce recruitment costs while improving the quality of hires and maximizing team performance. By leveraging AI technology and behavioral science, our platform streamlines the hiring process and offers a modern, user-friendly candidate experience that attracts the best talent. Ultimately, our platform can help your company save money, improve retention rates, and build stronger, more effective teams.

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