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At Hatchproof, honesty shapes our expectations, making work a conversation, not a speech. Join us on a journey to innovate the future of work and discover what you're made of in the process.

A Conversation, Not a Monologue

At Hatchproof, work is about dialogue—a real exchange of ideas, not a one-sided affair. We place a huge value on honesty; it's the cornerstone of how we interact. It's about understanding where you are in your career journey and aligning that with where we're headed. As the world evolves, so do our needs, and we're keen on evolving together. Honesty is key to this evolution. When we set out to build Hatchproof, our vision was to create more than just jobs; we wanted to offer roles that could be career-defining. This means we hold ourselves to high standards and expect the same commitment to excellence and innovation from you. If this level of engagement isn't what you're looking for, we might not be the right fit. But if you're up for the challenge, we're excited to have you join the conversation.

Innovating Work-Life Balance

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Hatchproof, extending to our approach to work-life balance. That's why we champion a 4-day work week and offer unique benefits that defy the conventional. Our commitment to challenging the norms and fostering a culture of balance is designed to ensure you have time to rest, rejuvenate, and pursue personal interests. While we support your endeavors outside of work, we expect your full focus and dedication to our mission. Hatchproof is more than a place to work; it's a community committed to making an impact. If you're ready to contribute to our mission and thrive in a forward-thinking environment, we'd love to welcome you aboard.

Building Excellence with a Focused, Elite Team

At Hatchproof, we prioritize building a compact, purpose-driven team, carefully adhering to Dunbar’s number to foster deep, meaningful connections among team members. This approach ensures that our team remains agile and intimately connected, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. We are committed to maintaining a standard of excellence, selectively recruiting only 'A players' who are not just skilled but also passionately aligned with our mission of innovation and collective success. Each member is chosen for their unique ability to contribute significantly, ensuring that together, we form a powerhouse of productivity and innovation.

Team Member Core Benefits

At Hatchproof, we champion a globally embraced four-day work week from Monday through Thursday, ensuring you have time for what truly matters. Embrace flexibility with unlimited PTO, asynchronous work hours, and location-based work models, crafting the perfect harmony between professional growth and personal well-being.
We're committed to your future by matching contributions to your crypto wallet (Coinbase) every month, propelling your financial well-being into the forefront of innovation. This unique benefit reflects our belief in supporting your investment journey as we match your stride toward achieving your financial ambitions.
Understanding the importance of family, we offer childcare reimbursement and pet insurance, ensuring that your loved ones, furry or otherwise, receive the care they deserve. Hatchproof stands by you, offering support that transcends the workplace and enriches your family life.
Continuous Learning
With a dedicated Learning & Development (L&D) Budget, Hatchproof empowers your continuous growth and skill enhancement, highlighting our investment in your personal and professional development. This initiative ensures you have the resources to chase your career aspirations and expand your horizons.
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Prioritizing your health, we provide a mindfulness app subscription alongside gym reimbursement or access to onsite facilities, offering a comprehensive approach to your physical and mental well-being. These benefits foster a healthy lifestyle, ensuring you're always at your best inside and out.

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Work Type: Fully Remote

Teams: Behavioral Science & Research, Professional Services

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