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Unity promotes a sense of togetherness, equity, and common purpose.

Hello, I am Imran

Founder & CEO

Through my unexpected rise from an overlooked candidate to a CEO, I’ve seen the hidden potential within unconventional choices firsthand.

This revelation became even more pronounced as the working world evolved, with remote teams becoming the norm and millennials redefining what they expect from their workplaces. It’s what inspired me to create Hatchproof. 

We’re here to challenge the status quo, finding a middle ground between the short-term roles of today and the decades-long careers of the past. At its core, Hatchproof recognizes that work is about people and connections, especially the crucial ones we have with our managers. It’s time for a fresh approach to hiring, one that values and nurtures individual potential. 

Join us at Hatchproof, where we’re committed to making the modern workplace a space where everyone is seen for their true value and can thrive over time.

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Our Vision

Rethinking how we come together to do what we love - for longer.

Our Mission

Bringing together the minds of today to build the workplace of tomorrow.

Revolutionizing the Workforce: The Hatchproof Way

Ripping up the Rulebook:
Where AI meets Rebellion

Welcome to Hatchproof, where we're not just nudging the future of work; we're kicking down its door. Born from the ashes of outdated hiring practices and archaic workplace cultures, our AI-backed People Alignment Platform is a testament to innovation fueled by behavioral science. Here's the hard truth: the traditional way we hire is a relic, a dusty remnant of Taylorism that's about as relevant today as a floppy disk. Our mission? To smash these antiquated methods and forge a new path, uniting today's visionaries to sculpt the workplace of the future.

From Underdog to Visionary:
The Hatchproof Genesis

My journey to Hatchproof's inception was less about climbing the corporate ladder and more about blowing it up. Overlooked for being the square peg in a round hole, I was the wildcard nobody bet on at my last gig. Fast forward, and not only did I become the linchpin, but I also sparked a revelation: the untapped potential of diverse, unconventional talent is the secret sauce this bland corporate world desperately needs. Hatchproof was born from this epiphany, driven by my obsession with cracking the code on what makes someone not just fit in, but stand out and redefine success in our evolving work landscape.

Challenging the Status Quo:
The Hatchproof Imperative

Let's get real: the workplace is transforming at warp speed. Remote work isn't just a trend; it's our new reality. Millennials are rewriting the rulebook on what they expect from their employers, favoring growth over gold. Yet, here we are, clinging to hiring practices that are as outdated as dial-up internet. With employee tenures shrinking and the quest for meaning expanding, Hatchproof is here to shatter these rusty chains. We're leveraging jaw-dropping AI and the deepest insights from behavioral science to not just adapt to this new world but to lead the charge in creating it.

The Hatchproof Revolution:
Dare to Join?

Hatchproof isn't for the faint-hearted. It's for the rebels, the innovators, and the dreamers who believe that work can—and should—be more. With every line of code and every insight gleaned from our platform, we're not just challenging the status quo; we're setting it on fire. We're here to empower not just companies but each individual within them to reach unprecedented heights. At Hatchproof, we believe in a workplace where every voice is heard, every talent is nurtured, and every day is an opportunity to defy expectations. Are you ready to join the revolution?

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Ying Ge

Discover The Hatchproof Foundation

The Hatchproof Foundation is committed to making a meaningful impact across these five critical areas: Environmental Sustainability, Ensuring Equality with AI, Diversity in the Workplace, Equality for Women in the Workplace, and Support for Entrepreneurs from Underrepresented Groups. By allocating a percentage of our annual profits to distribute grants and continuously seeking partnerships with other funds, organizations, and causes, we aim to drive positive change and contribute to a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive future.

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