Leadership Development Insights

Mass Layoffs Hurt People and Destroy Businesses. So Why Are They Still Happening?

This article explores the perplexing occurrence of mass layoffs in seemingly prosperous times, shedding light on the causes, impacts on individuals and businesses, and the evolving nature of releases in the modern corporate landscape. It delves into the experiences of both terminated and retained employees, the broader economic and societal repercussions, and common mistakes companies make in handling workforce reductions. The piece also provides insights into companies that announced layoffs in 2023 and speculates on potential mass layoffs in 2024, concluding with promising industries for job seekers post-layoff.

Using AI to Keep Teams Aligned and Engaged

In a rapidly evolving work landscape with dispersed teams and remote work, Chief Operating Officers (COOs) grapple with the challenge of maintaining team alignment and engagement. This article explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can serve as a theoretical catalyst for enhancing these critical aspects. Traditional methods of fostering collaboration and cohesion often fall short in the face of geographical dispersion, making AI's theoretical role in this context highly significant. Rather than focusing solely on practical AI tools, this article delves into the theoretical underpinnings of how AI can positively impact alignment and engagement.